Cabin Frames

Various gauges and frame heights and loads are available the counterweight provided with specific brackets quick to install with screws without weld.
adoor cabin frame for the new projects and for the modernisation of Classical Traction, MRL, Hydraulic lifts.

adoor car frame advantages
* Simple construction.
* Planning support with project specific drawings in dxf/dwg format.
* The completed supporting frame of  adoor has easy rapid installation with screws.
* Easy access to main components. Which have fixed the car platform, guide shoes, elevator car safety, hoisting ropes (or sheaves), and/or associated equipment
* Excellent stability under heavy loading condition.


Lower Weight Cabin Frames
which allows to adjust the load to new car dimensions and the re-sizing of counterweight. Easy to install and can be used with various guide rail thicknesses.


Progressive safety gear
* Compliance with EN81-1:1998 standard
* Guide thickness 9 mm to 16 mm
* Threaded or machined sliding surface
* Rated speed: up to 2.5 m/s
* EC type examination certificated

Cabin Frame