Control Panels

Control Panels


Elevator Integration Controller Function Specification

Emergency Fire Service Operation
When file direction devices (supplied by others) are activated, the elevators will automatically return to the evacuation floor, allowing passengers to exit. The elevators will remain parked at that landing until the detection devices are deactivated.Automatic Main Floor Designation
When a car has finished serving all floor selections, it is normally left to stand last serviced floor. With this option, the car may be homed to a preset floor. Such as the lobby or any other floor where there are most likely to be passengers. Door parking status can be defined parking with door opened or door closed.

Pre-Opening of Doors
When the lift is running normally, the speed is slower than 0.1 m/s in the stopping course, and the door zone signal is valid, it jumps out the door lock signal through door-lock jump-out contactor, and pre-opens the door to insure the most efficiency.

Auto Withdrawn on Group
In a group, any lift that fails is withdrawn from the group. Remaing lifts continue normal operation.

Car Calls Priority (Reservation)
System responds to car calls only, outside calls are canceled.

Automatic Minimum Load Cancelled
Car calls are canceled if car stops twice on a car call and no passengers exit car. This feature will
decrease the energy consumption.

Automatic Full Car Bypass (Full load)
Fully loaded car calls are served, outside calls are still registered on the way, there by eliminating
time-wasting stops.

Direct Aproach on Start – Stop
It automatically figures out the smotth curve from the starting to stopping in the principle of distance. It directy stops at the leveling position without climbing.

Shaft Parameter Self-Tuning
Before the system starts running, it need self-tuning of well parameter including floor height, forced
reducer switch, and limit switch. Meanwhile after the self-tuning the system offers self-diagnosis of
each position and gives the advice.

Extended Door Open Button
Pushing this button keeps the doors open for an extended amount of time. A safe, convenient feature for example when loading or unloading cargo.

Elevator Control Panel


adoor advanced microcontroller elevator control panels reduced installation times.

* Pre-wired shaft installation & Plug-in trailing cable.
* Digital shaft encoding the shaft travel height by “automatic learning trip” with absolute encoder systems.
* CAN Port for Car Serial & Landing Serial.
* Controller of a single entrance, or two entrances, by door simultaneous or selected opening.
* LCD on card board for easy programming and straight forward troubleshooting.
* Mode Simplex – Dublex – Triplex – Quadruplex Operations.
* Car position is saved following a power failure.
* Self diagnostic fault messages describing common faults related to periphery inputs.

MCI-HUB: adoor communication interface
* Ethernet interface (optional)
* USB interface
* Serial RS232S interface for GSM modems (optional)
* Monitoring and controlling elevator installation
* Software runs under WindowsTM

MCI-Dcan & MCI-HC: adoor communication interface
* CAN bus CAN Open
* Communication interface via CAN bus
* Serial calls


adoor Emergency Rescue Devices
In case of a power failure, backup lamps are automatically lighted in the cars and the Automatic landing function’s microcomputer analyzes the condition and lands the cars at the nearest floors. Doors open at that floor and passengers are guided to safety.


The main characteristics of driver frenic-lift are:
* Rescue operation with Battery or UPS with indication of recommended direction.
* 200% overload for 10 Seconds.
* Communication protocols CANopen integrated.
* Pole tuning and Auto tuning without removing the ropes (load).
* Operation of Induction motor without encoder (open loop) is possible, if required
on maintenance proceses.