Gearless Machine Traction

Gearless PMSM Traction Machines

adoor MRL Compact Modular Systems

Gearless machine is a compact modular system that enables Shorter Construction times and improve flexible designs are a result of the unique modular design. The machine has been designed with three phase AC synchronous motors (permanent magnet excitation), compact overall design,
through high energy efficiency, high reliability and superior controllability. The gearless machine was designed to work with elevators to promote excellent energy management and control.

Friendly With Environment

Meaning of absence of a machine room is not the only factor that speeds up the installation process
of elevators. There are many other aspects of the adoor MRL contribute to more efficient and safer installation methods. adoor MRL with no oil required, Removes the need for repeated lubrication,less Maintenance cost, Friendly with environment, clean-up and disposal of hazardous waste materials, and less energy.

Gearless Machine

Gearless machines have been specifically designed, developed, tested and integrated to multiple elevator configurations. In addition, adoor MRL Systems have been installed worldwide adoor gearless system consistently delivers value and quality.

adoor Machine Roomless (MRL) Benefits

Space Saving: No machine room which means , maximum utilization of building space within all relevant regulations. Only, smaller shaft area and Low over-travel.
Energy Saving: adoor MRL saves you up to 40% on energy running costs, compared with conventional geared motors.
Cost Saving: lower construction costs because there is no need to build a machine room.
Building design flexibility: improved design flexibility, No visible machine room gives the architect more flexibility in the building’s design.
Superior Ride Comfort: provides extremely smooth, noiseless pleasant ride. low vibration, into the building, comfortable and delivers the passenger quickly and quietly to the floor with maximum comfort.
Durable: safety for the long term; adoor has achieved Type test certified lift according to Lift Directive 95/16/EC and EN81-1 And adoor products, components and systems have passed rigorous tests.
High performance: Highly integrated intelligent control system, With Permanent Magnet Gearless Drive system. You will not be disturbed by the noise of the elevator in your living space. No hydraulics. No smelling oil.

No Need Machine Room
Since there is no need for a machine room with adoor MRL, the location of the elevator hoistway may be designed with more freedom.

Today the elevators plays an indispensable role in flourishing Buildings. adoor Machine Roomless, elevators are high quality featuring excellent performance and comfort, With intelegent control, Elevators are more table and reliable, intelegent module completely controlled by the modularized computer equipped with CPU Which Makes data processing more accurate and stable.